The Divas & Mr. Man

One thing I can always count on from this favorite client is lots of shiny! This snazzy holiday session was no exception! The kiddo’s did great, despite the cold, and I’ve managed to finally get the glitter out of my camera bag. Check out this festive group!


Baby H is finally here!

I was so excited to get the word that this little guy had made his appearance! Even more excited to go meet him! With the world’s best assistant, we crossed the border and played with Baby H for the morning. Is there anything better than a new little squish?!?! Check out some of my favs!

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Tiny Tuesday 1.15.13 {and a cat}

Happy Tuesday to you! It’s a cold one today and I thought about cheating on my Tiny Tuesday challenge. I didn’t want to go outside so I was thinking about pulling some old photos off the hard drive to pass off today, but I didn’t and I am very glad! Everything outside is frosted over and these shots were worth the 10 minutes out in the yard. And since I’ll be trapped at my desk today and tomorrow, it was nice to be out in the sunlight, even for just a few minutes.

I’ve also thrown in a few shots of one VERY spoiled cat. He likes this cold weather about as much as I do.


RiverCityImages1.15.13TinyTuesday-7web RiverCityImages1.15.13TinyTuesday-8web RiverCityImages1.15.13TinyTuesday-9WEB