RCI Seniors are Awesome!

I had a BLAST photographing two awesome seniors! Abby and Justin braved the chilly wind to get their senior photos done on location at their school (NHS, go Lions!)

We laughed quite a bit and I’m happy to report that no one fell in the river! Check it out!









Alex ~ River City Images {senior}

Are you losing faith in humanity and the future of this world?

Maybe you should go on one of my {senior} photo shoots.

My faith has certainly been restored. The young adults that I have had the privilege of photographing have been top notch! Kind, polite, focused and GOOD. This IS our future. These are the minds that will be running things some day and I can’t wait to see the amazing things that they will accomplish!

Alex is no different! Such a sweet girl, and so very beautiful! We met up at Lafayette Park in the hopes that there might be some green grass left. We found some great spots and the entire session took about an hour. I have to tell you, these Marching Band kids are quick change artists!

It is always a pleasure to see my old school on a letterman jacket! NHS representing! Love it!

I’ll stop rambling now and get to the good stuff!








Mary M. {senior}

Tuesday, June 19th. It was another hot summer day here in STL. 96 degrees, if my car was telling the truth. I had an outdoor senior session scheduled for 3:30. My first thought on seeing the temperature? Uh oh. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can wreak havoc on outdoor shoots, and not just because the camera equipment doesn’t appreciate it. The subjects usually don’t enjoy it either.

I lucked out big time. Mary and her mom Patti were AWESOME to work with. They put up with my endless chatter and sudden stops. And just to prove what a big, little town STL is, we started talking about the people that we have in common. Mary plays trumpet in the band, I was a drummer in the band. Marching Band veterans just seem to speak the same language.

I couldn’t be any happier with the way these photos turned out. Mary is just stunning and was a dream to work with!

But don’t take my word for it…

RCI {senior} 2

RCI {senior} 5

RCI {senior} 4

RCI {senior} 6

RCI {senior} 3

RCI {senior} 1