August Photo Challenge, Day 1

I am participating in the August Photo Challenge. With my iPhone. Because August is a super busy month for me.

A photo a day with a different topic. Piece of cake.

August 1, 2013 : My Handwriting

I write. I write notes to the kids, grocery lists, notes about projects. It’s a long running joke that I have a serious Post-It Note addiction. Some friends even give me post-it’s as gifts. (Yeah, I’m a special kind of strange.)

I’ve been working at the coffee table this week. I needed a change of scenery, working from a home office can make you a little antsy sometimes. So I snapped a quick pic of what’s on the coffee table right now. A design project for a client, with my Lowe’s shopping list written on the side. There is also a jar of marbles that my son put there yesterday morning. Perhaps he thought I could use some extras?

There you have it. My iPhone photo contribution to the August Photo Challenge. I suppose if I were serious about it then I would use a real camera. I may have a few laying around here…


P.S. My handwriting is a hybrid disaster of print and cursive most of the time. Today I was actually paying attention.

Family first…

I’ve been on my feet since five this morning.

I’m not complaining one bit. In four hours my house will be bursting at the seams, full of people I love.


This is the first time in quite a while that my mom’s side of the family has been in one place at the same time. They are spread out from coast to coast and I’m lucky enough to host this shindig.

I’m most excited about all of the pictures I’ll be taking today. And the food. There’s bacon.

On the menu: Texas brisket, backed beans, potato salad, salad, corn, fresh baked bread. Sound good, right? That doesn’t include the dessert menu (the reason I’ve been up for so long) layered chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, cherry pie and gooey butter cake. I’ve made everything except the gooey butter cake.

Also, I’m not decorating the layer cake like I usually would. Going with simple buttercream and some sprinkles. Less time in the kitchen = more time talking and laughing with everyone.

I’m excited to spend the day with these people that I love so much. It should be a fantastic time and I really can’t wait to do a family photo.

You know there will be photos and video galore to be seen here in the next few days, so check back!

Have a wonderful weekend!

My bees are back in town

I know it’s been AGES since my last blog post and I’m super sorry! Life here gets busy sometimes. *shrug*

I was out working around the pool this morning when I noticed that the lavender was buzzing.


I adore bees! It freaks my kids out because I’ll get right up close to them. I’m of the mind that if I don’t bother them then they won’t bother me. Also, I’m not allergic to stings.

Bees are so much fun to photograph! They are always so busy, you have to sit very still and be very patient. (Two things I am NOT good at)

I didn’t have time to break out the camera today, but I’ll make time this weekend. Instead I will share with you some pics I took with my iPhone of my little friends.

Take time to smell the roses today! (Or lavender, honeysuckle or whatever might be growing close to you, I’m lucky enough to have it all here!)


Also, this is my first blog post using the WordPress app on my phone! I’m so fancy today! Technology is fantastic!

Tiny Tuesday 1.15.13 {and a cat}

Happy Tuesday to you! It’s a cold one today and I thought about cheating on my Tiny Tuesday challenge. I didn’t want to go outside so I was thinking about pulling some old photos off the hard drive to pass off today, but I didn’t and I am very glad! Everything outside is frosted over and these shots were worth the 10 minutes out in the yard. And since I’ll be trapped at my desk today and tomorrow, it was nice to be out in the sunlight, even for just a few minutes.

I’ve also thrown in a few shots of one VERY spoiled cat. He likes this cold weather about as much as I do.


RiverCityImages1.15.13TinyTuesday-7web RiverCityImages1.15.13TinyTuesday-8web RiverCityImages1.15.13TinyTuesday-9WEB




Tiny Tuesday, but on a Wednesday…

You know how it is. The kids are out of school. You’ve been having leftover Christmas cookies and egg nog instead of real meals. Sleep in, stay up late…

I believe I posted yesterday to check back today for a Tiny Tuesday. I failed to realize (due in part to the reasons listed above) that yesterday was Tuesday and today is Wednesday.

Good job!

So I would like to share with you our first installment of Tiny Tuesday.

Please keep in mind that I don’t have a macro lens, so you aren’t going to see anything like that. These are just some close up shots that I get while I’m out and about in the world. Like some snow collected on a branch. Enjoy!

Missouri Winter

RCI Goes to Chicago!

For once I got to go to Chicago as a tourist instead of shooting a job! A friend and I loaded our kids into the car at 5am Saturday morning and hit the road… Legoland and Ikea on Saturday, Shedd Aquarium, Flub A Dub Chubbs and Navy Pier on Sunday, and Millennium ¬†and Grant Parks on Monday. I thought I would bore you with a handful of photos from Shedd. It turns out that Shedd is a “no flash” aquarium. Not a problem for me, but I noticed several patrons flat out ignoring the rules. Now, I’m not much for rules, but the no flash rule is there for the animals.

As you can see, the Jellies were my favorite part. I can’t tell you how many lines I used from Finding Nemo. At times, my Disney addiction is downright humiliating. Enjoy!

Three Monsters in Chicago

Learning about the reef

Living in a yellow Submarine... Can I get one of these in my living room?

In front of the shark tank!

Teeny Jelly

Pretty Jelly

Glowing Jelly

Floating Jelly

My favorite Jelly Photo

Monsters on the Pier

At least it wasn’t a slideshow! lol! Thanks for stopping by!