Committed to 52

Right now we are in the middle of planning our Spring Mini Sessions so it was nice to take a break and share this glimpse into my daily life. Don’t get me wrong, I just ADORE planning our mini sessions, but it is time consuming and a little draining to work out all of the little details! Speaking of, if you are interested in booking a spot for Spring Minis, let me know now, as we do limit the number of sessions and these tend to sell out within a few days!

Who else has tried those 365 day photo challenges? Yep, I see all of those raised hands.

Now who has completed a 365 day photo challenge? Whoa, where did all the hands go?


It got overwhelming and boring. I thought it would be nice to have a new “inspiration word” for each day, but it left me a little stressed. I did want to do something this year, so I’ve decided to do a 52 week challenge instead. And it isn’t for work, it is just to document my personal life and my family.

There are no “inspiration words” or weekly themes to try and figure out, so that has been nice. So far I am keeping up and LOVING IT. I thought I would share what I did for week one. At the end of the year I will choose one photo from each week to turn into an album. I think the most difficult part will be choosing just one photo for each week!

During week one, our youngest was recovering from a nasty virus. To cheer him up, we had a pajama day and I let him have his favorite snack (grapes!) at his little table in the living room. It cheered him up and the gloomy window light was magical so I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera.



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