10 Things You May NOT Know About Me

Everyone wants to know the juicy details, right?!?!?

Since it is January in the Midwest, I am still mostly taking time off. I much prefer to photograph outside, but the unpredictable Missouri weather makes that difficult to do. I can watch the forecast every day, only to see it drastically change at the 11th hour. Le sigh.

So here I sit. Inside. Looking out the window. Wishing it were Spring. If you are as bored as I am waiting for the weather to get nice, read through these 10 facts about moi and then comment with something that I don’t know about you!

  1. I have love of turkeys and often dream about owning a turkey ranch. I once tried to estimate how many live turkeys I could fit into our mini van. The husband was probably quite relieved that I can’t stand math!
  2. I have a tattoo on the top of my left foot. I got it in 2011, on a whim/dare. I’d always wanted one, and I knew exactly what I wanted, just not WHERE it should go. It is a small Irish knot in greens and blues and I got it on the top of my foot mostly because I told the artists that maybe I should get it on my foot because I was wearing sandals that day and he told me it would be too painful for a first tattoo. Challenge accepted.
  3. Speaking of feet, I can write my name with my right foot. Not my left foot, which is a little strange because I can write rather well with my left hand. Figure that one out.
  4. I swore that I would NEVER get married again. And I forsure KNEW that I would NEVER have another baby. lololololol… Well hello there second marriage (Love you Honey!), and bonus kiddo.
  5. If there is a friendly dog in the vicinity, I will stop to ask if I can pet it.
  6. I have thyroid disease. Hashimotos. I had surgery in 2010 and am on daily medications and yearly scans. The doctor thought that it was cancer, thank goodness he was wrong. I count my blessings every day that I am still here.
  7. Some day I will go to New York for the sole purpose of getting mermaid hair colored by Dusty the Hair Wizard.
  8. I still have a film camera. It does function. Some day, when I have more time, I will get back to using film cameras more often.
  9. Chocolate chip cookies can fix just about any rotten mood. I LOVE TO BAKE.
  10. Every morning I sit down and write out a to-do list. Making a physical list that I can look at and cross things off really helps to keep me focused and centered. I’m a little ADHD and can end up all over the place and that makes everyone around me crazy.


Now tell me something about you!


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