I’ll Will if You Will…

Happy 2019, for starters!

Do you have any good resolutions? Are resolutions even a thing any more?

My confession is that I’ve never really been into making New Years resolutions. You can start something new any day of the year, why wait?

Having said that, I did make one goal for this year and it’s a doozy.

All year I get to spend my time doing what I love, making beautiful portraits for awesome people to display on their walls. And I love every second of it. My goal for this year is to do the same for myself! All of the photos hanging on the walls in my own home are sooooooo old! It gets a little crazy around here, with one kid away at college, one teenager with school clubs and a job, the other still splitting his time between parents, and the toddler that never stops moving, but I am committed to not only taking photos of my own awesome family and documenting all of our adventures, but printing and displaying those photos proudly on my walls!

When we bought this house four years ago, the owners left so much stuff here, and we left it for a long time but it just wasn’t our style. A few years have gone by and we are slowly starting to paint (NO MORE BROWN/TAN/ORANGE/RED/DARK WALLS!) and redecorate.

How do you display your family photos in your home? I’m still not sure what direction I want to go in. There are so many options. Canvases, tiles, glass, metal, traditional frames, wood transfers….

As far as goals go, it’s rather tame, but it is important to me and I am excited to see and share the results!


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