Home Life

I’ve been on sabbatical for a year now, only taking a few jobs here and there for existing clients only. It has been peaceful and relaxing. 

Lately I’ve found my mind wandering to work related subjects. I did two jobs this last month, a wedding and a styled session inspired by the classic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I had a blast. I’m still on my game, but I’ll confess to being a little rusty with the post processing, so getting back into that groove has been a huge time suck. 

My days have mostly been devoted to my family and my garden. My husband has taken to the aerial photography like a duck to water. It has spilled over into collecting drones and other photography equipment. I love it!

I’ll make a separate post of wedding photos after the bride and groom share with their families. It stormed all day, but we managed to make the best of it. 

Instead I’ll share some photos from my garden. It is little, but I’m rather proud of it!

The list of crops:










French Mallows












I’ve also got a blueberry bush and two thornless blackberry bushes. They won’t produce anything for at least a year, maybe two.

My first spinach crop this morning. No one told me that spiders like to nest under the leaves. GROSS.

To combat the flooding, we built raised beds and added some rain barrels! It has made a HUGE difference and I haven’t had to use any other water for the garden.

Lettuce! An heirloom variety I got from a historic French Fort, and your everyday black seeded variety.

I’ve got three rows of carrots, two different types. I love carrots!

I reclaimed some old broken fencing for the peas to climb. So far it is working great! Next year I’ll spray paint them a pretty color first.

Are the going to be beans? I guess I’ll wait and see!

Green beans. I’m not a fan, but Scott is. The things we do for love!

Finally starting to see some little roma tomatoes off my three plants!

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