Cake Smash!

Happy Birthday Mal!

The studio is in pre-construction chaos anyways, so smashing cake all over the floor is no big deal! Malcolm celebrated his 1st birthday on Sunday, with robots, Hungry Caterpillars, and a homemade cake!

A few shout-outs:

The robot stuffed plushie is a Scentsy Buddy. If you don’t know what those are, then you need to check them out. It has a scent pack inside and smells delightful. This particular robot is sporting a Lavender scent pack, in hopes that it would calm the kid down for bedtime. It doesn’t work on him (pretty sure nothing ever will!), but does wonders for knocking mom and dad out! If you are interested, check it out HERE. They have different buddies, very cute and cuddly!

The adorable shirt/bow tie combo was purchased from THIS adorable Etsy shop! Super affordable and so very cute! I’ll be putting this away to use in the future I’m sure!

The circle garland is a new studio prop. I made it myself and am working on more color choices for future studio sessions!

I’d forgotten to order a cake, so this is just one that I put together at the last minute. It turned out cute. The rainbow layers looked good smeared across the floor.

As a side note, cake smash sessions are soooo much fun! I’ve done them indoors and out and there is always something new and different! I’m always happy to book cake smash sessions either in-studio or on location!

Now on to the photos!


They’re Super Kids!

I love the homespun look of DIY props! I built these last year, but this is the first time I’ve used them in the studio and it turned out so cute! I’ve had other clients ask about the “Super City” so I will be working up a mini session plan using these props and a few other things!

Until I work out the details for that, please enjoy these photos of Belle and Lex from a few weeks ago! Adorable!!

(I’ll have Mal’s first birthday/cake smash photos ready to blog soon too! I do love a good cake smash!)