Baby H is finally here!

I was so excited to get the word that this little guy had made his appearance! Even more excited to go meet him! With the world’s best assistant, we crossed the border and played with Baby H for the morning. Is there anything better than a new little squish?!?! Check out some of my favs!

2014RCIWNewbornBW-1fb 2014RCIWNewborn-5fb 2014RCIWNewbornBW-6fb 2014RCIWNewborn-8fb 2014RCIWNewborn-11fb 2014RCIWNewbornBW-12fb 2014RCIWNewbornBW-13fb 2014RCIWNewbornBW-15fb 2014RCIWNewborn-18fb 2014RCIWNewborn-21fb 2014RCIWNewbornBW-20fb 2014RCIWNewborn-28fb 2014RCIWNewborn-31fb

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