Relevant Thursday 10-16-14

Here are all of the articles posted from this week! Read, think, comment and share!

10:30 am – Statue or Bust: Around the World in Lenins. Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik Revolution, founder of Russia’s Communist Party, and premier of the Soviet Union, has been dead since 1924, but his image has lived on worldwide for nearly a century. Collected here are photos of Lenin monuments from across the world, including Lithuania, Latvia, Mongolia, Ghana, Ukraine, Cuba, Russia, Romania, Vietnam, Georgia, Svalbard, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, Bulgaria—and Seattle. (Can I just tell you how much it cracks me up that there is one in Seattle?)

11:30 am – Here are 4 Steps to Photographing the Milky Way. (I’m a huge fan of night sky photography. I wish I had more time to dabble!)

12:30 pm – The Battle for Kobani. These images posted over at The Atlantic are pretty powerful, as always.

1:30 pm – For the Canon fans, it looks like there might be some new glass headed your way. Fresh from the Phoblographer.

2:30 pm – Who doesn’t love a good fair? Check out these light-hearted photos posted over at The Boston Globe of some fun fairs around the world!

3:30 pm – How about the world’s most rugged SD card? Delkin BLACK is said to be that. Waterproof, dustproof, extreme temperature resistant, and virtually unbreakable. That last part sure got my attention!

4:30 pm – And what about news of a new touch workspace for Adobe Illustrator? Illustrator is one of those programs that I love, but often forget about.

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