Happy 1st Birthday!

My sister is lucky to have a photographer in the family! My darling niece Kinsye turned 1 on Christmas day. Two days later, we cleared the floor and gave her a giant cupcake and LOTS of pink icing! (Sorry sis! I hope her hands aren’t stained pink forever!)

The result was a lot of laughter and a ton of beautiful photos. And a video.

Time to make my big sis cry!

RCI2013KinSB01 RCI2013KinSB02 RCI2013KinSB03 RCI2013KinSB04 RCI2013KinSB05 RCI2013KinSB06 RCI2013KinSB07 RCI2013KinSB08 RCI2013KinSB09 RCI2013KinSB010 RCI2013KinSB011 RCI2013KinSB012 RCI2013KinSB013 RCI2013KinSB014 RCI2013KinSB015 RCI2013KinSB016 RCI2013KinSB017


And the video! (Can I just say how cool it is that she has a TARDIS?!?! My family is full of geeky awesomeness!)