Yesterday started out lovely! They sky was blue, the leaves were bright and the clouds were fluffy. I took a leisurely drive out to the farm and played for a few hours before coming back to town for a Senior session. They clouds had decided to get serious and the temps dropped quite a bit, but Madison was game for anything! She was sooooo much fun to work with! She was just excited as I was about the run down, creepy location I’d found! I’ve really been blessed by how amazing my seniors have been this year!

Something was bothering me the entire time during her session and it wasn’t until I started to edit the photos last night that it finally hit me! She reminded me of someone! Have you seen that ABC show Once Upon a Time? She reminds me of Snow White!! Gorgeous girl with a personality to match, I just know she is going to be a superstar wherever she goes!

Check out some of her photos from yesterday!

RCI2013seniorMadisonSB01 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB02 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB03 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB04 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB05 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB06


And yes, there is a video!! Woohoo!!! A few more surprises and I’ll get to show Madison ALL of the photos from her day!

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