The Bader Family

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I’m thankful to be surrounded by my awesome family a friends. I’m thankful to wake up and do what I love every day. I’m thankful for my amazing clients, like the Bader Family!

We met up last weekend when it was super cold. Little J really enjoyed the leaves and had fun running around the playground too! Hopefully the next time I see this sweet boy it will be a little warmer and we can play outside for a bit longer!

Check out some of the photos from that day, and, as always, watch for the video at the end of this post!

Have a wonderful day with your loved ones!

(Also, I’ve been getting asked this lately and yes, I do have some sessions still available before Christmas. Sessions must be held before December 15th to guarantee regular prints by Christmas Day. Album, framed prints, metal prints, standouts and image blocks and digital collections must be ordered before December 11th to have guaranteed delivery by the 25th, after that it’s a gamble and I can’t promise you anything!)

RCIbader06 RCIbaderSB02 RCIbaderSB03 RCIbaderSB04 RCIbaderSB05 RCIbaderSB07 RCIbaderSB08



And here is the video!


Deanna’s Day…

Saturday was cold. Not just cold, but windy as well. Deanna and her kids were troopers! They would ditch their coats for a few minutes while I snapped photos and then bundle up and try to get warm while we moved on to the next spot! They seriously deserve an award for being tough! Deanna was the RCI Birthday Contest winner, so I’m sure the next session we do will be a bit warmer! Deanna is awesome!!! Despite the BITTER cold, we had a blast!

Check out the fun!

2013FallFoxFamSB03 2013FallFoxFamSB01 2013FallFoxFamSB02 2013FallFoxFamSB04


And their video!

Deck the Halls! (with AWESOMENESS)

Tis the season to be generous!

I can’t tell you how many people have asked if I’ll be doing mini-sessions this year. I hadn’t planned on it, but so many of you are interested that not only have I changed my mind, but I put together an amazing deal for you! My gift to you all for being such AWESOME clients and friends!


The mini-session fee is $150 paid in full at the end of your session (Yes, I accept credit cards). Your photos (you can expect 10-30 photos) will then be loaded to the private viewing/ordering gallery on my website. From there you can choose two free 5×7 prints! But that isn’t it. I will design a custom 5×5 and 5×7 Holiday card using photos from your session. You may pick one style and get 25 free cards (yes, they come with envelopes!). How awesome is it that your holiday card won’t look like anyone else’s?!?!

This is my gift to you! I’ve been so very blessed this year, with new clients, and regular clients. I love capturing your families! I love seeing how you all change and grow over the years! Thank you!

Here are the details:

I’ve set aside several days/locations for this. You all know I prefer shooting outside, but the weather is getting iffy. I’m looking into back-up locations for rainy days, you’ll just have to be flexible if it comes down to that.

Also, I’ve already started booking these dates, so spaces are limited and filling up. Don’t twiddle your thumbs if you want to book! It’s first come, first served. The fastest way to reserve your spot is to text me at 636-541-1542.

Saturday, November 16 – No spots left!

Sunday, November 17 – On location in Jefferson County – 3 spots left

Saturday, November 23 – On location in St. Louis City – 4 spots left

Sunday, November 24 – On location in Fenton – 2 spots left

Wednesday, November 27- On location in Forest Park – 3 spots left

Friday, November 29 – On location in Forest Park Park – 2 spots left

Saturday, November 30 – On location in Tower Grove Park – 4 spots left

Sunday, December 1 – On location in Tower Grove Park – 2 Spots left

Saturday, December 7 – On location in Jefferson County – Full day available (7 spots left)

Sunday, December 8 – On location in Jefferson County – 4 spots left

If you can’t make these dates and still want to get in on this awesome deal, I will go ahead and offer gift certificates for this exact deal until December 10th. They will have an expiration date of 11-22-2014

*I will not be extending the dates, I want everyone to have your prints by Dec 25th. Also, if for some reason the printer backs up and your cards can’t be delivered in time to be sent out, I will give you two options, a $50 credit towards more prints, or I can redesign your card to be used as a Happy New Year Card. There are no cash refunds!

The La Jeuness and Cardwell Families

Another fun Fall session from this last weekend! The weather was perfect and the location couldn’t be better! (And no, I’m not telling you where we were! I want to shoot there some more before it’s overrun with more photographers!)

Check out a few of my favorites!

RCI2013CardwellFallSB01 RCI2013CardwellFallSB02 RCI2013CardwellFallSB03 RCI2013CardwellFallSB04 RCI2013CardwellFallSB05 RCI2013CardwellFallSB06 RCI2013CardwellFallSB07 RCI2013CardwellFallSB08 RCI2013CardwellFallSB09 RCI2013CardwellFallSB10


But wait, there’s more! Seriously, like I’d leave you hanging without a video?!?! It’s like you don’t even know me!



Yesterday started out lovely! They sky was blue, the leaves were bright and the clouds were fluffy. I took a leisurely drive out to the farm and played for a few hours before coming back to town for a Senior session. They clouds had decided to get serious and the temps dropped quite a bit, but Madison was game for anything! She was sooooo much fun to work with! She was just excited as I was about the run down, creepy location I’d found! I’ve really been blessed by how amazing my seniors have been this year!

Something was bothering me the entire time during her session and it wasn’t until I started to edit the photos last night that it finally hit me! She reminded me of someone! Have you seen that ABC show Once Upon a Time? She reminds me of Snow White!! Gorgeous girl with a personality to match, I just know she is going to be a superstar wherever she goes!

Check out some of her photos from yesterday!

RCI2013seniorMadisonSB01 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB02 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB03 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB04 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB05 RCI2013seniorMadisonSB06


And yes, there is a video!! Woohoo!!! A few more surprises and I’ll get to show Madison ALL of the photos from her day!