Kira’s Family

Ahhhh, Fall… I love it!

I also love this family! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had the chance to play with these kiddos, it’s always a blast! I know I’ve done my job well when the kids don’t want to be done!

(Also, I almost wore my Superman shirt to this photo shoot! Great minds think alike!)

RCI2013KSfallSB01 RCI2013KSfallSB02 RCI2013KSfallSB03 RCI2013KSfallSB04 RCI2013KSfallSB05 RCI2013KSfallSB06 RCI2013KSfallSB07 RCI2013KSfallSB08 RCI2013KSfallSB09 RCI2013KSfallSB10


But wait! There’s more! How about a video too?? Because I can!

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