Seniors. They make me feel old…

What can I possibly say about Kirsten? I’ve known her forever. I still remember her as a punk kid, tearing around on a golf cart. She’s a witty girl, always quick with a comeback. (And she thinks I’m pretty darn awesome, so that keep her on my good side.)

We did her senior photos Sunday afternoon and it hit me: I’m old.

Ok, fine. I’m not old. Kirsten has grown up to be a wonderful young woman and I am blessed to know her. I actually got a little misty eyed while shooting these. (crazy, right?!?!)

Take a look. She’s talented and wonderful and I know that this is the beginning of big things for her!

RCO2013SenCatesSB01 RCO2013SenCatesSB02 RCO2013SenCatesSB03 RCO2013SenCatesSB04 RCO2013SenCatesSB05 RCO2013SenCatesSB06 RCO2013SenCatesSB07 RCO2013SenCatesSB08


You knew there would be a video, right? 😉

Thanks for checking things out! Have a wonderful day!

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