Shoot the Music – Illphonics and Scarlet Tanager

I was blessed to get to shoot Taste of St. Louis again this year. Even more blessed because my boss knows how much I love shooting concerts and gave me free reign this year. I had to miss Sunday’s lineup unexpectedly, and I was seriously bummed about that, but Friday and Saturday made up for it. I took an obnoxious amount of photos, as usual, so I’ll just show you my top three from Illphonics and Scarlet Tanager today…

More to come tomorrow!

Illphonics – These guys were good, but it just isn’t my kind of jam…

RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-79fb RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-80fb RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-81fb


Scarlet Tanager – Rocked the stage.

RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-85fb RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-89fb RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-90fb



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