Play Along at Home

When you wake up to VINTAGE Fleetwood Mac playing in your head, it’s not a bad idea to have an all FWM day. I’m posting the soundtrack for those of you that want to be as cool as I am…

First Train Home
Without You
Looking for Somebody
Never Make Me Cry
Steal Your Heart Away
Sad Angel
Little Lies
Murrow Turning Over In His Grave
Monday Morning
Silver Springs
I Don’t Want To Know
As Long As You Follow
Never Going Back Again
The Chain
Big Love
Seven Wonders
Say You Love Me
Gold Dust Woman

Out of all the FWM songs I own (that would be ALL the songs they ever made from Peter Green on up) these are some of my favorites. Enjoy the magic people…

I’ll be hard at work. I’ve got TSL pics to finish and a video for out of state clients to get done. Oh, and philosophy homework that I’m behind on.

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