Kira’s Family

Ahhhh, Fall… I love it!

I also love this family! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had the chance to play with these kiddos, it’s always a blast! I know I’ve done my job well when the kids don’t want to be done!

(Also, I almost wore my Superman shirt to this photo shoot! Great minds think alike!)

RCI2013KSfallSB01 RCI2013KSfallSB02 RCI2013KSfallSB03 RCI2013KSfallSB04 RCI2013KSfallSB05 RCI2013KSfallSB06 RCI2013KSfallSB07 RCI2013KSfallSB08 RCI2013KSfallSB09 RCI2013KSfallSB10


But wait! There’s more! How about a video too?? Because I can!

Bill and Mary { engaged }

You guys really are the cheese to my macaroni! 

Most people know that I don’t take on too many weddings. I pick and choose which couples I want to work with. When I met Bill and Mary, I couldn’t stop smiling. They were just so darn nice. They booked me months ago and I had the engagement session circled in red on my calendar, I was pretty sure it was going to be fun.

Understatement of the year.

I had a blast. Theses guys are just so cool! I know I smiled during the entire session. I smiled as I drove home. I smiled whenever I thought about how much fun I had with them and I smiled the ENTIRE time I was editing the photos. (As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I dragged out the editing process as long as I could because I was enjoying it so much!)

Can I just say that I am so excited for their wedding?!?! Come on December!

RCI2013EsessBillMarySB01 RCI2013EsessBillMarySB02 RCI2013EsessBillMarySB03 RCI2013EsessBillMarySB04 RCI2013EsessBillMarySB05 RCI2013EsessBillMarySB06 RCI2013EsessBillMarySB07 RCI2013EsessBillMarySB08 RCI2013EsessBillMarySB09 RCI2013EsessBillMarySB10


And now for the little video that I just threw together…

Seniors. They make me feel old…

What can I possibly say about Kirsten? I’ve known her forever. I still remember her as a punk kid, tearing around on a golf cart. She’s a witty girl, always quick with a comeback. (And she thinks I’m pretty darn awesome, so that keep her on my good side.)

We did her senior photos Sunday afternoon and it hit me: I’m old.

Ok, fine. I’m not old. Kirsten has grown up to be a wonderful young woman and I am blessed to know her. I actually got a little misty eyed while shooting these. (crazy, right?!?!)

Take a look. She’s talented and wonderful and I know that this is the beginning of big things for her!

RCO2013SenCatesSB01 RCO2013SenCatesSB02 RCO2013SenCatesSB03 RCO2013SenCatesSB04 RCO2013SenCatesSB05 RCO2013SenCatesSB06 RCO2013SenCatesSB07 RCO2013SenCatesSB08


You knew there would be a video, right? 😉

Thanks for checking things out! Have a wonderful day!

Shoot the Music – Illphonics and Scarlet Tanager

I was blessed to get to shoot Taste of St. Louis again this year. Even more blessed because my boss knows how much I love shooting concerts and gave me free reign this year. I had to miss Sunday’s lineup unexpectedly, and I was seriously bummed about that, but Friday and Saturday made up for it. I took an obnoxious amount of photos, as usual, so I’ll just show you my top three from Illphonics and Scarlet Tanager today…

More to come tomorrow!

Illphonics – These guys were good, but it just isn’t my kind of jam…

RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-79fb RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-80fb RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-81fb


Scarlet Tanager – Rocked the stage.

RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-85fb RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-89fb RCI2013FriConcertStageKatie-90fb



Sitting Pretty

6 months has GOT to be one of my favorite ages! These babies are starting to really discover this world. Capri and her Momma had fun at her outdoor 6 month session today, despite the threat of rain! (We finished just before it started sprinkling!)

RCI2013Capri6monthSB01 RCI2013Capri6monthSB02 RCI2013Capri6monthSB03 RCI2013Capri6monthSB04 RCI2013Capri6monthSB05 RCI2013Capri6monthSB06 RCI2013Capri6monthSB07 RCI2013Capri6monthSB08

And yes, there’s a video too… As if I could resist!

Play Along at Home

When you wake up to VINTAGE Fleetwood Mac playing in your head, it’s not a bad idea to have an all FWM day. I’m posting the soundtrack for those of you that want to be as cool as I am…

First Train Home
Without You
Looking for Somebody
Never Make Me Cry
Steal Your Heart Away
Sad Angel
Little Lies
Murrow Turning Over In His Grave
Monday Morning
Silver Springs
I Don’t Want To Know
As Long As You Follow
Never Going Back Again
The Chain
Big Love
Seven Wonders
Say You Love Me
Gold Dust Woman

Out of all the FWM songs I own (that would be ALL the songs they ever made from Peter Green on up) these are some of my favorites. Enjoy the magic people…

I’ll be hard at work. I’ve got TSL pics to finish and a video for out of state clients to get done. Oh, and philosophy homework that I’m behind on.