I love my clients, they are awesome.

But did they all have to have babies at the same time?

These two girls were born on the exact same day (which also happened to be my birthday). They turned 6 months old, so we celebrated with some photos! (When I say some photos, I mean hundreds of photos. Not doing anything for the next hour? Good.)

RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB01 RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB02 RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB03 RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB04 RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB05 RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB06 RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB07 RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB08 RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB09 RCI2013Annabelle6MonthSB10 RCI2013Clara6MonthSB01 RCI2013Clara6MonthSB02 RCI2013Clara6MonthSB03 RCI2013Clara6MonthSB04 RCI2013Clara6MonthSB05

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