I haven’t been slacking…

I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted, but I haven’t been slacking off. I’ve been buried under corporate gigs for that last month or so.

I thought I’d take a minute to show off the beautiful little wedding that I shot a few days ago. It was a lovely little affair. There ceremony was at the top of a lovely building in the Central West End and the intimate reception took place at the Wildflower, also in the CWE. This bride and groom put some serious thought into the little details and the entire day was fantastic! But don’t take my word for it.

MilesWedSB19 MilesWedSB18 MilesWedSB17 MilesWedSB16 MilesWedSB15 MilesWedSB14 MilesWedSB13 MilesWedSB12 MilesWedSB11 MilesWedSB10 MilesWedSB09 MilesWedSB08 MilesWedSB07 MilesWedSB06 MilesWedSB05 MilesWedSB04 MilesWedSB03 MilesWedSB02 MilesWedSB01


There will be a video, these things take time you know. I’ll post it to my YouTube when it’s done sometime in the next few weeks. Have you subscribed to my channel? If you haven’t then you should, these things are fun and fun is good!

River City Images YouTube

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