August Photo Challenge, Day 1

I am participating in the August Photo Challenge. With my iPhone. Because August is a super busy month for me.

A photo a day with a different topic. Piece of cake.

August 1, 2013 : My Handwriting

I write. I write notes to the kids, grocery lists, notes about projects. It’s a long running joke that I have a serious Post-It Note addiction. Some friends even give me post-it’s as gifts. (Yeah, I’m a special kind of strange.)

I’ve been working at the coffee table this week. I needed a change of scenery, working from a home office can make you a little antsy sometimes. So I snapped a quick pic of what’s on the coffee table right now. A design project for a client, with my Lowe’s shopping list written on the side. There is also a jar of marbles that my son put there yesterday morning. Perhaps he thought I could use some extras?

There you have it. My iPhone photo contribution to the August Photo Challenge. I suppose if I were serious about it then I would use a real camera. I may have a few laying around here…


P.S. My handwriting is a hybrid disaster of print and cursive most of the time. Today I was actually paying attention.

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