Born on the 4th of July… Or Not. Just go with it…

Not really, but this family was all decked out in Red, White and Blue on the 3rd and I haven’t had enough coffee to come up with a witty blog title.

Seriously, how adorable and two kids be?!?!

Answer: VERY

I won’t spend too long rambling in this post. I’m headed out the door in a few minutes. It’s sister day at the family farm and one of my favorite days of the year. Little sis and I head west and spend some time out on the farm. And I always come home with fresh eggs, which means I bake for several days after. Yay!

Check out the W family!

RCI.7.3.13williamsSB01 RCI.7.3.13williamsSB02 RCI.7.3.13williamsSB03 RCI.7.3.13williamsSB04 RCI.7.3.13williamsSB05 RCI.7.3.13williamsSB06 RCI.7.3.13williamsSB07 RCI.7.3.13williamsSB08 RCI.7.3.13williamsSB09 RCI.7.3.13williamsSB10


And let us not forget the video!

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