Family first…

I’ve been on my feet since five this morning.

I’m not complaining one bit. In four hours my house will be bursting at the seams, full of people I love.


This is the first time in quite a while that my mom’s side of the family has been in one place at the same time. They are spread out from coast to coast and I’m lucky enough to host this shindig.

I’m most excited about all of the pictures I’ll be taking today. And the food. There’s bacon.

On the menu: Texas brisket, backed beans, potato salad, salad, corn, fresh baked bread. Sound good, right? That doesn’t include the dessert menu (the reason I’ve been up for so long) layered chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, cherry pie and gooey butter cake. I’ve made everything except the gooey butter cake.

Also, I’m not decorating the layer cake like I usually would. Going with simple buttercream and some sprinkles. Less time in the kitchen = more time talking and laughing with everyone.

I’m excited to spend the day with these people that I love so much. It should be a fantastic time and I really can’t wait to do a family photo.

You know there will be photos and video galore to be seen here in the next few days, so check back!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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