Big Brothers…

I think about alllll the trouble I’ve managed to get myself into over the years, and I have to wonder if I could have avoided most of it by having big brothers…

Sweet Miss Vada has FOUR awesome older brothers to keep her out of trouble! It was a blast to play with this crew today and I can’t wait until the next time! These guys are so much fun!

Have some pics to drool over, and yes, the video is at the end of this post!

Have an exciting 4th of July! I’ll post some firework photos if I decide to venture out.

RCI.7.3.13VadaSB01 RCI.7.3.13VadaSB02RCI.7.3.13VadaSB04 RCI.7.3.13VadaSB05 RCI.7.3.13VadaSB06 RCI.7.3.13VadaSB07


Don’t mess with this girl… It’s clear her brothers adore her!



And now for the video…. Don’t worry, I’ve started adding the music details at the end of the video. I always get emails asking what the song is! lol

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