Abby & Justin {Graduation}

Yay Class of 2013!!! I’m a few weeks late in posting a congratulations note, but better late than never!

You guys have worked sooooo hard! Welcome to the world!

A few things to remember:

~ Work harder than everyone else. Hard work really does pay off and nothing worth having comes free.

~ Never stop learning. Read a book, attend a lecture. Knowledge is power.

~ Be kind. The world can be a pretty rough place. Be THAT person. The one with the kind smile, grateful heart and open mind.

~ Hug your parents. They love you more than anything else and will be your loudest cheering section, your sympathetic shoulder to cry on and your biggest fan. They won’t be around forever, so make those moments happen as often as you can.

~ You can do anything you put your mind to! Just forget the voices that are telling you that it’s never going to happen. When someone says it’s impossible, cross your arms, nod your head and say ‘Challenge accepted.’ Then go make it happen!

You guys are awesome and I’ve loved spending time with you all!

Here are some photos from Justin and Abby’s Graduation Bash last weekend! And a video. Can’t forget the video!


MayherGradSB03 MayherGradSB01 MayherGradSB02 MayherGradSB04 MayherGradSB05 MayherGradSB06 MayherGradSB07 MayherGradSB08 MayherGradSB09


And the video…



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