My bees are back in town

I know it’s been AGES since my last blog post and I’m super sorry! Life here gets busy sometimes. *shrug*

I was out working around the pool this morning when I noticed that the lavender was buzzing.


I adore bees! It freaks my kids out because I’ll get right up close to them. I’m of the mind that if I don’t bother them then they won’t bother me. Also, I’m not allergic to stings.

Bees are so much fun to photograph! They are always so busy, you have to sit very still and be very patient. (Two things I am NOT good at)

I didn’t have time to break out the camera today, but I’ll make time this weekend. Instead I will share with you some pics I took with my iPhone of my little friends.

Take time to smell the roses today! (Or lavender, honeysuckle or whatever might be growing close to you, I’m lucky enough to have it all here!)


Also, this is my first blog post using the WordPress app on my phone! I’m so fancy today! Technology is fantastic!

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