#TinyTuesday ~ Soggy Wishes

It rained. And rained. And rained.

What a weekend!

Just when I was about to download Arc Building for Dummies, it stopped raining. The sun never did come out. On one mushy trek through the yard to get the mail, I noticed how cool the dandelions looked. If you’ve been around for a while, then you know that I just adore dandelions. Yes, they are weeds, but they are weeds that you wish on! Is there anything cooler than growing wishes in your back yard?!?! I don’t think so!

Still waiting for a perfect macro lens to fall into my lap. These were shot with my dusty, trusty 50mm. Oh, and my D80. Because sometimes I just don’t feel like hauling out the big guns. You know how it is.

Enjoy the pics and go make a wish on a dandelion. (Just be aware of the fact that this type of behavior will, more often than not, cause your cranky neighbors to glare in your direction and possibly slash your tires in the middle of the night.)





Tiny Tuesday ~ A Macro Experiment

I read somewhere last week that you could use a 50mm lens as a macro lens.

All you have to do is take it off your camera and turn it around.

Sounds simple, yes?


Turns out that it can be done, but it’s a serious pain. I used my trusty D80, which isn’t terribly versatile, but I didn’t want to get anything on my D300 sensor. *shrug*

I couldn’t see anything with the lens turned around. I had to guess if I was in focus. It was pretty tricky. I might try it again with my vintage 50mm and my Holga someday…

Here is the image of the end of a tree branch that had snapped off in the wind this morning.

D80, 50mm lens in reverse:


The colors and texture are interesting. You can see all the dust on the D80 sensor (I’m such a bad camera mommy!)

And here is the same photos, but with the lens properly mounted on the camera.


I had to zoom in post-production, but you get the general idea.

My Kingdom for a Nikon 105 Macro lens… I guess I’ll have to start saving up my pennies for that one. lol

Thanks for checking out this week’s #TinyTuesday!

Tiny Tuesday ~ Baby Capri

How about some tiny fingers and toes for today’s Tiny Tuesday?

As you know, yesterday was our 3rd Birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with tater tots and a beautiful newborn?!?!

Capri James is a sweet as can be. She is picture perfect, just look!

RCIcardwellNBsb13 RCIcardwellNBsb12 RCIcardwellNBsb11 RCIcardwellNBsb10 RCIcardwellNBsb09 RCIcardwellNBsb08 RCIcardwellNBsb07 RCIcardwellNBsb06 RCIcardwellNBsb04 RCIcardwellNBsb03

And, because I am SUCH an overachiever, here is a super awesome video! Yay!

It’s our Birthday!!!!

Three years ago today, River City Images came into existence.

I chose April Fools Day to launch my company on purpose. I figured that only a fool would start a business in such a terrible economy.

(I was right about that, by the way.)

I’m feeling very sentimental today. There have been more ups than downs, and RCI has been blessed to collect some of the most amazing clients in the world. The RCI family has grown in the last three years and I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

I want to thank you all. For your support, love and friendship.

To show our appreciation, it’s┬ácontest time!!!!

It will be another random drawing, much like the last time. (but with better lighting and maybe this time I’ll throw on some makeup)


How to Enter:

Go to our Facebook Page and ‘Like’ us, there will be a link there to this blog entry. Like and Share that post and you will be entered to win the BIGGEST prize we’ve ever come up with!!! Want to enter more than once? That’s cool! You can repeat the process once per day until noon on the 7th! Just make sure you drop us a line on our FB page letting us know that you shared the link again.

1 person will win not one, not two, but THREE separate photo sessions* during 2013, plus a Keepsake DVD of all three sessions combined at the end of the year!

Contest ends on noon Sunday, April 7, 2013.

The drawing will take place at 7pm Sunday night. I’ll post the video here and on Facebook, so stay tuned!!!

Holy Moly… I know, I can hardly believe it either! Now go read the fine print and enter to win!!!

*Fine Print: This contest is limited to people in the Greater St. Louis area. If you are 40 miles outside of Fenton, then you may not participate.

**Fine Print: This contest is for standard photo sessions only and excludes Engagements, Weddings, Corporate shoots, Birth Photography and Events. Limit 6 people per shoot. Additional persons subject to a $30 fee per person.