Opening Day is coming soon for one couple…

My maternity session yesterday with these sports fans was just too much fun! Add some crazy, curious cats and I think a great time was had by all! (By the way, this is probably my most favorite maternity session to date. I adore life-style photography so much more than the formal kind. Add a relaxed, home environment and I’m in heaven!) Thanks for welcoming me into your home you guys! I can’t wait to meet that sweet baby when he/she gets here!

Now I’ll stop yammering and get to the good stuff…

2013RiverCityImagesMatCardwell2 2013RiverCityImagesMatCardwell3 2013RiverCityImagesMatCardwell4 2013RiverCityImagesMatCardwell5 2013RiverCityImagesMatCardwell6 2013RiverCityImagesMatCardwell7 2013RiverCityImagesMatCardwell8 2013RiverCityImagesMatCardwellSB1

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