12th Night in St. Louis

From January 6th until Fat Tuesday (February 12th), I eat, sleep and dream Mardi Gras. It’s a great time to live in St. Louis! We sure know how to party!

Our Mardi Gras Season kicks off every year on January 6th. 12th Night

But what is 12th Night? Here is a blurb from Mardi Gras Inc

The Board of Directors will be accepting petitions from krewes, civic, business and neighborhood leaders, all requesting them to declare the start of the new Mardi Gras season.

Petitioning can be a reading, a poem, a skit, a song, a puppet show, love letters, or any conveyance you wish to get your message to the board. The basic message is “WE WANT TO HAVE MARDI GRAS THIS YEAR!!!” It is all fun and your participation is encouraged.

How fun is that?!?! After the petitions are heard and beverages consumed, the crowd gathers in front to hear the Board give the nod to starting another season! A band plays and the party takes to the streets to spread the word to all of the fine Soulard establishments. The party ends at Soulard Market Park for speeches, proclamations and fireworks. The Mardi Gras flag is raised and the people cheer!

Last night was wonderful and I have the photos to prove it!

RiverCityImages12thNight2013 RiverCityImages12thNight2013.2 RiverCityImages12thNight2013.3 RiverCityImages12thNight2013.4RiverCityImages12thNight2013.5


I’ll be posting a video soon.

Also watch for my video blog entry: Mardi Gras Survival 101!

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