The Cates Family

I love love LOVE my loyal clients. I love watching the kids grow up. I love calling them friends.

I was blessed to meet up with the Cates family yesterday morning. The weather was perfect and the park was green again after all the rain we had last week!

I do love me some Cates kids! The girls are so smart and funny and just plain beautiful. And my sweet little Noah is such a cutie (and quite the flirt!)

Pam and Brad are always a treat to work with and I’m happy to call them friends.

Check out this awesome family!










Photo overload anyone? I know. I can’t help it! Rest assured that there will be many more blog posts to follow. I have several projects in the works and I’m back to the kind of schedule that leaves me with not enough hours in the day! I’ll keep you all posted on the awesomeness taking place here!

Toodles for now!

Toes in the sand…

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, I know. Much has happened the last few months. From a family loss, to a relocation, add in a destination wedding and the start of the school year and I’ve been a busy lady!

First up, RCI has moved! We are now based out of Fenton. The move was stressful, as it took place in the middle of several big projects and the week before my kids started a new school district. The office is still a bit of a disaster, but I’ve traded up to a MUCH larger space and can now accomidate studio sessions once more.

To my Northern clients and friends, don’t be sad! You all know I don’t mind driving! The number and email hasn’t changed and be sure to watch your inbox for holiday photo news!

I traveled to Mexico in early July for a wedding. Erin and Bobby wanted to get married on the beach and I got to catch it all! I was a terrific week spent seaside. The weather was perfect, the water was wonderful and I got to hold a monkey. The bride was glowing, the groom was looking snappy, and the location couldn’t have been more stunning. But don’t take my word for it. These photos say it all!