Little Miss M. {summer}

I had all of 20 minutes to do this shoot before the sun went down. We headed out to the wildlife area. I even remembered bug spray!

These are just summer fun photos of a beautiful girl in a pretty field. Enjoy!


Mary M. {senior}

Tuesday, June 19th. It was another hot summer day here in STL. 96 degrees, if my car was telling the truth. I had an outdoor senior session scheduled for 3:30. My first thought on seeing the temperature? Uh oh. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can wreak havoc on outdoor shoots, and not just because the camera equipment doesn’t appreciate it. The subjects usually don’t enjoy it either.

I lucked out big time. Mary and her mom Patti were AWESOME to work with. They put up with my endless chatter and sudden stops. And just to prove what a big, little town STL is, we started talking about the people that we have in common. Mary plays trumpet in the band, I was a drummer in the band. Marching Band veterans just seem to speak the same language.

I couldn’t be any happier with the way these photos turned out. Mary is just stunning and was a dream to work with!

But don’t take my word for it…

RCI {senior} 2

RCI {senior} 5

RCI {senior} 4

RCI {senior} 6

RCI {senior} 3

RCI {senior} 1