RCI Goes to Chicago!

For once I got to go to Chicago as a tourist instead of shooting a job! A friend and I loaded our kids into the car at 5am Saturday morning and hit the road… Legoland and Ikea on Saturday, Shedd Aquarium, Flub A Dub Chubbs and Navy Pier on Sunday, and Millennium  and Grant Parks on Monday. I thought I would bore you with a handful of photos from Shedd. It turns out that Shedd is a “no flash” aquarium. Not a problem for me, but I noticed several patrons flat out ignoring the rules. Now, I’m not much for rules, but the no flash rule is there for the animals.

As you can see, the Jellies were my favorite part. I can’t tell you how many lines I used from Finding Nemo. At times, my Disney addiction is downright humiliating. Enjoy!

Three Monsters in Chicago

Learning about the reef

Living in a yellow Submarine... Can I get one of these in my living room?

In front of the shark tank!

Teeny Jelly

Pretty Jelly

Glowing Jelly

Floating Jelly

My favorite Jelly Photo

Monsters on the Pier

At least it wasn’t a slideshow! lol! Thanks for stopping by!

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