Back to School means back to work!

The kids went back to school today! Pretty soon most of the St. Louis area will be able to say the same thing!

This last week has been schedules, open houses, and paperwork. TONS of paperwork.

I already got the order form for school photos. I always shake my head and throw it in the trash. My kids are lucky to have a photographer for a mom. I hear the school photo horror stories from my friends. The hair isn’t combed, the kid is making a funny face. $50-$75 dollars down the drain just because Grandma HAD to have a back to school photo of her little angel.

I get it, I do. My mother insists on photos of her angels too. The photos I send her just happen to look better than others.

I’ve had a few friends ask me this week if I will take just a few photos for back-to-school. Not full sessions, they want to wait on those for this fall and holiday photos shoots. Just a few photos/poses and the pics in a small pkg.

So I said yes. And it got me wondering who else has the same problems every year.

So I’ve been contemplating my calendar, trying to figure out a weekend when I can block off the entire day to schedule some mini sessions.

If anyone is interested, please shoot me an email at

I’m thinking $75 and it will include a minimum of 5 different photos, fully edited, in both color and black and white, 2 sets of wallets, 2 5×7 prints, and 1 8×10 print. You may choose all poses, the photos don’t have to be of one pose only. Digital files are extra. Photos will be hosted, as always, on a password protected ordering site.

I’ll schedule 2 days, one in St. Charles along main street, and one at Faust Park in St. Louis County.

If you have any interest, please email or call. I expect times to fill up quickly!

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